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      Elite Professional Networks specializes in the design and implementation of network solutions for your home or small business.   All of our installers are Microsoft Certified and have many years experience in the field.  Whether it be a standard cable  setup or wireless solution we will get it right the first time and for the right price!

Benefits of Networking:

    By networking your business/home computers you can reduce the amount of money you spend on hardware by sharing components and peripherals while also reducing the amount of time you spend managing your computer system.

     You can store virtually any kind of information at, and retrieve it from, a central location on the network as well as access it from any connected computer.

     A network enables you to share e-mail systems, modems, facsimile machines, data storage devices such as hard disks and CD-ROM drives,  and data backup devices such as tape drives.   When you compare the costs associated with sharing these resources to the costs of purchasing them for each computer, the savings can be enormous. 

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PC Repair/Troubleshooting:

       EPN supports and repairs all personal and business computers.  Why take your PC to a shop and risk creating more problems?  If your PC isn't working like it used to or not at all, give us a call and we'll come to your home or office and do the repairs.  We have convenient night and weekend hours!  Please be sure to check our service area

*At this time EPN does not support laptop hardware other than troubleshooting and configuring PCMCIA Cards (i.e. Network Cards, Modems) and assorted peripherals.

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Hardware Installation/Upgrades:

        If your PC isn't running up to par or maybe it's having problems running some of your applications or games, some upgrades might be in order to help get your computer performing how it should be!  Here are some of our most common upgrades: 

  • Memory                                 

  • Hard Drives

  • Modems 

  • Video Cards

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Software Installation/Upgrades:

       Although installing software isn't relatively hard it can be troublesome when your programs keep crashing or freezing.  We offer many services to get you the software you need and to ensure the software you currently have is running correctly.  We also specialize in virus removal and firewall configuration to make sure your network stays protected.  Listed below are some of the applications we specialize in!

  • Microsoft Office Suite 97/2000/XP
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • McAfee Anti-Virus
  • Norton Anti-Virus
  • And Many more!
  • Corel Office Suite - Legal Edition
  • Corel Office Suite
  • Outlook Express
  • Symantec ACT
  • Palm Software
  • Zone Alarm Firewall

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