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Wireless Networking  for Cable or DSL Users!





Do you have a DSL or Cable modem?  

      Whether in your home or office, if you have a Cable or DSL modem, by now you know the speeds are great.   Would you like to be able to share that connection with other machines in your home or office?  With new technologies, it's easier  than ever before to share every pc in your home or office without ever running a cable.  Once installed and configured, all you'll need to do is boot up your desktop or laptop and  you'll  instantly be surfing the Internet and sharing  files and printers,  no matter where you are in your home or office!    Also, included in many of our wireless solutions, is the capability to allow VPN or Virtual Private Network  connections into your home or office.  This allows you to have access to all of your files no matter where you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

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